Friday, November 12, 2004

A closer look at Spellings

I posted about two weeks ago that Margaret Spellings might soon be Education Secretary and now it looks increasingly likely.

So who is she?

Here's an excellent article from over three years ago in the Washington Post. In case you're wondering why -- policy wonk that you are -- you haven't heard much, if anything, about her, consider these two reasons. First, she used to go by Margaret La Montagne, before getting remarried. And second, according to the Post article, "She prefers to operate away from the limelight. 'The stealth thing,' as she puts it."

I wonder if she's too valuable as a domestic policy advisor to focus only on education, even though it's her specialty. The Post article quotes Rove as saying, "You name it, and it's hers," when asked about her areas of responsibility in 2001.

I'll have more on the only other foreseeable possibility, Sandy Kress. When the Dallas Morning News made suggestions for cabinet replacements last Monday, this is what they had to say:

Sandy Kress should become education secretary. The former Dallas school board president has worked alongside Bush on early reading programs and higher school standards since the Bush governorship. He also shepherded the president's big education bill through Congress. The Democrat knows how to build coalitions, which the president needs if Washington's going to improve special education classes. They're the next education cause.

(Via the Fort Wayne News Sentinel -- part of my daily reading, of course. Is it not part of yours?)


Blogger EdWonk said...

I too think that it will be Spellings. Who can tell with Bush? Maybe its because her last name somehow seems appropriate. One of the few things I liked about Rod Paige was that he had some actual classroom teaching experience way back when. I am old-fashioned. I would prefer that those who would supervise teachers have substantial classroom experience themselves.

3:48 PM  
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