Saturday, October 16, 2004

NYC Lawsuit aimed at key promise of No Child Left Behind

I wrote a few days ago about the 1,600 California schools that are failing under NCLB's guidelines. Parents of children at those schools are eligible to transfer their children to public schools that aren't failing. One problem: There are so many schools failing that there isn't enough space in the successful ones for all of the transfers.

I read of one situation (Camden, NJ) where every single high school in the city was failing. So students can transfer to ... Delaware?!?

And now, because of this same problem, there's a lawsuit brewing in New York City in which 300,000 students in failing schools -- apparently denied the right to transfer -- will be named as plaintiffs.

It'll probably lose. But over time this situation will only get worse. As I wrote the other day, each year the schools have to pass a higher percentage of students to avoid being tagged as failures.

I don't see how, logistically speaking, the promises of No Child Left Behind can be kept.


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